Stone Creek Bible Church
Sunday, June 25, 2017
A Christ-centered Fellowship
Discovery Zone 2 (4 - young 5 year olds) meets each Sunday during our
9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. services
For the Week of: June 18th

Monthly Memory Verse:  

Psalm 119:11  “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”


Jesus observes the Passover with His disciples

Luke 22:7-34; John 13
 What does this say about God and Man?  **
  • Jesus knows all things!
    • John 13:1,3,11,38
    • Luke 22:13, 21, 34
  • Everything happens as God says it will.
    • John 13:8, prophecy in Psalm 41:9 is fulfilled here.
    • Luke 22:22, the Son of man will go as it has been decreed.
  • God is sovereign
    • John 13:3.
  • Jesus came to serve us.
    • John 13:12-17, Luke 22:27
  • Happiness comes from serving others
    • John 13:17
  • Jesus is supreme and the highest authority.
    • John 13:13, Teacher and Lord.
  • God hates sin; sin must be punished
    • Luke 22:22b

**  Only one or two points were emphasized in class.  This week when discussing with your child pick one or two main points.
Questions and Responses: Below are questions and responses to help your child interact with the Scripture passage, and to solicit a personal response from both of you to the truths of the Bible story.  Please allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to further questions and responses.
  • Do you remember the story of the first Passover in Egypt? (Discuss how God provided a way to escape His punishment through the blood of the Passover lamb.  Go back to Exodus 12-13 to review the story.)
  • Read Luke 22:20.  Jesus compared His blood to the blood of the Passover lamb.  Jesus is like a Passover lamb for us.  His blood would be shed; He would be killed; and trust in Him is God's way of providing an escape from His punishment for our sins.  Our sins can be forgiven because Jesus died for us.
  • Discuss what it means to sin, to have sins forgiven, to trust (believe) in Jesus.  Pray together.


  • Do you know what it means to confess your sins and to repent?  Why did these people need to confess sins and repent?  Do you have any sins to confess or anything you need to repent of?  (Pray together.)
  • Who can save us from our sin?  Does being baptized save us?  (only Jesus can save us from our sins.)

Discovery Zone 2 will be using He Has Spoken By His Son, a Children Desiring God Curriculum November 2016 - September 2017